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Friday, April 21, 2017

Do you Love Springtime?


Ever consider it might be something other than the weather? I'm seeing yellow everywhere I look. I can't say I've ever loved the color. I might have even said I can't wear it. Can't live with it anywhere in the house - not on walls, furniture or even an accent pillow. But recently I've been obsessed with yellow since enjoying the dance scene from "Beauty and the Beast"....that yellow gown! Now I see it everywhere in nature and I'm looking for a way to add some sunny color to my life. Elderly, sick people and babies don't like it (too much actually makes babies cry!) Apparently, it's too stimulating and can be overpowering. However, yellow is considered an optimistic color. Ever notice how much yellow is in a perky "Get Well" arrangement? It's used for signage on streets and highways because it's more visible than white. It's been said to improve concentration - do you focus better when you use a yellow legal pad? That's probably why. One article I read states that it improves metabolism. I would have to see proof of that. Yellow icing on my cupcake so the color would negate some of the calories? Apparently, yellow is having its moment in home dec and the fashion industry - used with CAUTION! However, according to Zillow Digs, home with white painted kitchens sell for $1,400 less than homes with yellow kitchens. Something to keep in mind for the future.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Ah, My Sweet!

I have a sweet tooth. I mean, it's bad. I'd love to buy jelly beans more than a day before Easter but I can't have them in the house. I love chocolate but I can control the urge to dig into a wrapped bar of dark chocolate. But the sugar in a jelly bean calls to me in my sleep. How anyone (President Reason, for a specific "one") can have a jar of fruity or spicy little bean-shaped deliciousness in front of them on a desk is beyond my ken. I've lost more than 10 pounds since last summer and would like to drop another 10 before the warm weather demands that I put the bulky sweaters away. I recently found a sweet that I can enjoy without guilt. And it doesn't elevate my blood sugar, inducing the desire for even more sugar. And I admit that I love pumpkin in any form, including coffee. So here's my sweet indulgence: It's called "One Point Pumpkin Pie". When you calculate the sp's it's officially 2 points on the current Weight Watcher's plan. I make one every week and have a slice with my afternoon coffee. I enjoy it and you might, as well. So here's the link: One Point Pumpkin Pie I hope you enjoy a bit of sweetness as much as I do! (Whipped cream extra...)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Resist the Cold!

When you just can't take one more day of cold, winter-like weather.....RESIST!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Celebrate Spring!

Monday is the first day of Spring. The mounds of snow I peek around before pulling onto the main road more resemble the icy tundra of January. The grass was beginning to grow before the blizzard last week. I know it's still under there. The fig tree that has spent the last 4 months in my unheated garage knows it's Spring. It's beginning to unfurl the little leaf buds at the branch tips.

My youngest grandson turned five last week. Last year we took him out to lunch and for an afternoon at the playground on the beach. You never know what the season will bring. It's always a surprise. 

Turning 5 was a surprise for this one. The numbers sneak up on you. Ask me how I know.

At the Hartford Flower and Garden Show I bought a Spring potpourri jar with a pussy willow ring to bring a bit of hope inside,

made a couple of loaves of Ina Garten's Irish Soda Bread (here's the link to the recipe),

and kept on knitting my "Fireside Pullover" pattern by Jane Richmond. And my "Emiliana" shawl by Deborah Hannes,

and remember to be thankful for the warmth of my home and family while we celebrate a 5th birthday tomorrow and the coming of the new season.

Somebody else will be glad for the warmer weather.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Knit, Read, Pray, Repeat...

What do you do when the snow keeps coming and you can feel the cold chill through your bones? I turned the heat up and it didn't help. I'm bundles in layers and still feel winter's fingers making the little hairs stand up on my arms like the little birds with their feathers all fluffed up trying to keep warm. I knit. And eat something warm. Drink coffee and knit some more. And wear my new garden Sloggers with socks and dream of Spring.

"How I Knit my Socks" pattern by Susan B. Anderson in " Goomy 50" French sock yarn, "Beige Print"

"Mercury Socks" - pattern by Kim McKenzie in hand-dyed Merino/Cashmere/Nylon blend by KFrank Fiber Arts on Etsy (my daughter's started an Etsy shop)

"Fireside Pullover" pattern by Jane Richmond in Cascade Echo yarn - this is the shawl collar

My knitting is keeping my spirits up. I'm reading Stacey Schiff's "The Witches" and keep looking at photo's of the witches memorial I took when we were in Salem in October and thinking of the accused  how they and their families suffered. I'm on page 350 and would really love to put it down. But I believe that if we don't investigate and learn from the past, we repeat similar offenses again and again. So....Knit, Read, Pray. Repeat.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Working Girl

With the sad announcement of the death of Mary Tyler Moore this week, memories of my own entry into the workforce came flooding back. There were many pleasant memories but I also recalled things that happened that just wouldn't fly today. They might fly you into court but nowhere else. I was 20 years old when I began my first job search. It began with an appointment at a large, reputable employment agency in White Plains, New York. After completing the job application, I was ushered in for my interview. One of the questions on the application form asked for my weight. Pre-employment physicals were common back then so I answered honestly. My female interviewer told me she was making a note on the application that "I didn't look that heavy". I'm almost 6 feet tall so I suppose she had a lot to say about me on that form. When I told my dad how the interview had proceeded, he exclaimed that he didn't want me to use that agency as it seemed there were interviewing for call girls rather than secretaries. My dad was not the most enlightened guy when it came to feminism but that was even too obvious for his sensibilities. When I landed my first secretarial job, I was quickly informed that the job involved getting coffee for my boss. My boss liked me. He was an older, single man and didn't complain that it became clear that I didn't do coffee for anyone but myself. I think he was just happy that I was nice to him. When I later took a promotion to the Human Resource department at the same company, I was a bit shocked when my new boss (The Director of HR) remarked that I wore too many clothes. A navy blazer, tartan wool slacks and a pretty shirt with a vest was too "buttoned up" for his taste. I thought I looked cute and the offices in the old building were drafty. I was no more bundled up than the boss but that's the way it was. I fortunately never got backed into a corner but the guy (think John Hamm in Mad Men but not as cute) came up behind me and pushed his knee into the back of mine making my legs buckle. He was the Director of HR - who was I supposed to complain to? His boss was the president of the company. That kind of behavior was considered playful and funny. How things have changed - some of it thanks to Mary Richards - a real white collar rebel in in her own time.